Where do i invest my money in 2015

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What an INJUSTICE: Readers slam insurer Ageas for denying a payout to family whose home burnt down So now will they cough up? INVESTMENT CLINIC: I want to start a stocks and shares Isa – should I rush to beat the tax year end? Beat cash Isa deadline with top fixed deal at 1. How to invest in retirement: What you should do to get the best income and keep your pension pot intact By Tanya Jefferies for Thisismoney. People typically invest for all-out growth to maximise retirement pots during their working years, whatever kind of workplace or personal scheme they belong to. But a different investing mindset is required if you choose to stay exposed to financial markets in retirement, rather than receive a guaranteed income from an annuity or final salary scheme. Since the pension freedom reforms in 2015, you have the option of keeping your money invested in an income drawdown plan throughout retirement, meaning you can still grow your savings but might also get hit by a crash in your final years.

Older investors have to balance the need to make withdrawals to live on in retirement with making sure they don’t run out of money. Some also wish to ensure there is something left over to bequeath to loved ones. We take a look at how far you need to change investing strategy in retirement, and round up some expert tips on keeping on top of your portfolio and cutting your tax bill. You shouldn’t necessarily invest more cautiously in retirement than you did before, according to Martin Bamford, managing director of the independent financial planning firm Informed Choice.