What type of mutual funds should i invest in 2015

Would you heed a ‘wealth warning’ what type of mutual funds should i invest in 2015 fund charges? Would you buy and renovate a property in France? Will workers stand for a tripling in pension deductions from wage packets, or rebel against auto-enrolment increases?

What should you invest in now? From bitcoin to banks and emerging markets: Five trends for 2018 and five funds set to prosper By Sarah Davidson For Thisismoney. Read this: What should you invest in now? Last year was stellar for stock market performance while the meteoric rise in the value of bitcoin has dominated the headlines for the past few weeks. But will the same companies and currencies perform well this year?

We talk to investment expert Juliet Schooling Latter from Fund Calibre to take a look at five themes that are likely to continue to influence the world of investing in 2018 and five funds that could be worth a punt. Here’s what she has to say. Every headline and spam email seems to contain the word bitcoin at the moment and, given the interest surrounding the cryptocurrency, this is likely to continue into 2018. Given that this could considerably cut administrative costs for banks in the future, investors who have missed out on the bitcoin boom could consider funds that have exposure to the still unloved sector. One example of a manager who is particularly keen on banks is Alastair Mundy, who heads up the Investec UK Special Situations fund. 1billion fund currently has a 30. 6 per cent weighting to the financial sector and counts the likes of HSBC, Barclays and RBS as some of its largest individual constituents.