What to know about investment banking

You want to break into investment banking and know you need to be well read in order to do what to know about investment banking. But what the heck do you read? To help you decide what to read and what to forget about here is a definitive list of the best investment banking books out there.

Most importantly, they’re split up into categories based on interest. Banker Porn’, whereas if you want to brush up on your job hunting skills scroll on down to the next section. Ever wanted to sit down with a friend fresh out of their 12-week summer ordeal at a top bulge bracket and just ply them with questions? How did you break into banking? What are your top tips? Oh, and how did you turn in a top internship performance? Well, here’s your chance as Erin has taken the time to write a personal mini guide for aspiring bankers.

So even if this book is quite short, consider getting it and devouring it over two tasty Ethiopian espressos! Despite being a few years old now, this is a top read for aspiring bankers, because Banks takes you from start to finish. Wetfeet guides are usually worth consulting, and their banking resume guide is no different. Short and sharp, this guide stands at above 70 pages and it’s filled with 80-20 advice on how to turn your IB resume into something resembling a banker-friendly product. There’s some talk in the guide about investment banking cover letters too. You should be able to pick up a free copy of this through your careers center.