The next big thing investment

Our comic is supported by our patron chukklehed. The current story arc started with this strip: Allowance Reverse The next big thing investment Swaps. To all Woo fans: Woo will come back in Thursday’s strip which will be the most weird one yet. Nicholas Seleno: Don’t raise your hopes too high, young lady.

Nicholas Seleno: I’ve really gotta go now! It’s going to be the next big thing! Sandra: Why can’t saving the tiger from extinction ever be the next big thing? Click here to see the comments! I am really liking your comic, it’s cute and has some good issues in it.

I just stumbled across your comic a few nights ago. I’ll have you know that it’s been promptly added to my ever-expanding list of awesome webcomics! I doubt anyone in the U. I don’t, and Google doesn’t give any clues. I assume it has something to do with German politics and financial bailouts.