Strategic value investing practical techniques of leading value investors

Please forward this error screen to 209. FREE CLASS in New York City Whitney Tilson through www. 5:30-7:30pm, followed by a cocktail hour. I was initially skeptical strategic value investing practical techniques of leading value investors pleasantly surprised.

Overall, I was impressed with the learning materials, the organization, and most importantly, the participants who attended. Whitney and Glenn were brutally honest and forthright in showing the rise and fall of their business. One can know the lessons of Munger, Buffett, Graham, and behavioral finance but still fall into a pit. Our main enemy is likely to be ourselves. I wouldn’t go to Whitney to help you get a job, but if you do a rigorous analysis of a company, I am sure Whitney or Glenn could give you honest feedback.

And if they liked your work, they might suggest how you could reach a larger audience. Each day was ten hours long with meals and cocktails afterwards, so you had plenty of opportunity to develop relationships. There are other courses available as well. BOOT CAMP in the subject line. I will be happy to discuss with you.

Regarding last week, I was super impressed by the material. The main lesson I learned from the course was to keep it simple. I would have liked more on portfolio construction because that is what I am struggling with. Ditto for risk management and small funds. LL case, the mea culpas of what Whitney and Glenn did right and wrong. All the participants told me that they both enjoyed the boot camp and found it useful in developing their fund.

Whitney solicited feedback each day, therefore, Whitney and Glenn should improve their course offerings. Kase Learning programs you can go to www. I will periodically update information on Kase Capital for interested readers. If you learn anything from reading this post it should be to KNOW THYSELF! The market is an expensive place to find out. Whitney Tilson’s Facebook friends surely thought he was on top of the world last summer. Photo after photo posted on the social media site tells the story of a rich, exciting life: There’s Tilson watching whales off the coast of Iceland.