Strategic investment real options and games

More Than 15 Years Of Experience. Multinational Company Specialized in Telecom Technologies strategic investment real options and games Entertainment-Focused Marketing.

Features – Localized into 15 languages. Our payment tool speaks the user’s language. Using the site’s logo and corporate colours to enhance user trust. Easy integration: 2 http requests and the system will be up and running! Flexible solutions: add offers, change prices, create new financial products.

Virtual Currency Nvia has developed its own multi-game virtual currency for gamers By providing in-game currency and gamification tools, game developers can monetize non-paying users. BENEFITS FOR GAME DEVELOPERS – Improves ratio of paying users Vs. Game Back-end System Nvia has developed its own game back-end system with all the necessary tools to bring success to any game. Does your game need difficult-to-develop features? Would you like to create a virtual community with your users? Online management of users, accounts, events, localized versions, etc. Implement our game-related content scripts on any site and your users will be able to play the best games and read the latest industry news in seconds.