Solar panel farm investment

Bitimec’s New Solar Panel Washing Machine Cleans Solar Panels Fast. The PV Solar Wash solar panel farm investment Able to Clean 1.

3 MW of Solar Panels in 4 Hours! The PV Solar Wash cleaning solar farm panels. Operating on rubber tracks, with sensor assisted telescoping swivel boom, soft foam brush, and  650 gallons of water, the solar panel wash system can wash a 1. 3 MW solar farm section in 4 short hours.

The PV Solar Wash system is a much needed innovation in solar panel washing equipment. Designed in conjunction with Messersi and using a Bitimec ‘foam-lite’ brush, the PV SOLAR WASH system runs smoothly on a rubber track dumper undercarriage. A sophisticated Messersi telescopic boom with ultrasonic sensors helps adjust the brush to maintain feather light pressure on the PV panels being cleaned and avoid damage in case of rough terrain. One or Three element telescoping boom. Swivel seat and boom, able to wash right or left. The ability to wash solar panels ‘economically’ will repay buyers many times their investment. Single site users will be able to improve peak output performance of their Solar Power Plants by washing photovoltaic arrays  more often for less money.

Contract washers can bid on multiple solar farm washing jobs with minimal crew taking advantage of the PV SOLAR WASH’s speed, efficiency and affordability. When Sang Dajie had a son, he knew things had to change. Working as a coalminer in eastern China was just too dangerous. A lot of things you just can’t control down there. So Sang moved up in the world—quite literally.

As an electrician for Sungrow Power Supply Company, the 31-year-old now helps maintain the world’s largest floating solar farm on a lake formed on top of a collapsed and flooded coal mine just northwest of Anhui province’s Huainan city. A tapestry of 166,000 glistening panels bob and bask below an ochre sun, producing almost enough clean energy to power a large town, as fish break through the inky water all around. China has some of the world’s worst air pollution, which scientists say may contribute to a third of deaths, and regularly grounds flights and keeps children entombed in their homes and classrooms. Coal burnt for power and steel smelting is the principle cause, as soot-stained miners burrow China into what’s the world’s second largest economy today. China is now the world’s largest renewable energy investor.