Should i invest in stocks right now

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No investment advice of any kind is to be inferred from this site. A Personal finance blog with topics to save money, earn money, personal loans, investing, career, escaping debt and building wealth. Where Should I Invest My Money Now? Last week, I spoke about my appraisal at work and the effect of blogging on it. Although nowhere near the previous two bonuses, I still managed to get a significant lump sum amount. I have been pondering, where to invest the money?

Here’s the solution, we are going to stock this entire money in our home buying fund, not in a retirement fund. So the bonus money is not going towards our retirement. It should go to our next financial responsibility, i. Discover interest savings account immediately as soon as it arrived last week.

By the time we figure out where to invest this money and put it into work, we could earn one or two pizzas from checking account interest earned. Remember its one cent at a time, don’t you? 10,000 for short-term, at most 2-3 years. The objective is to earn as much as possible keeping the capital preserved. Where should I invest my money now? Many of you have similar goals as well. You may want to know where should you invest your money in 2012.