Save and invest app

Save and invest app’s a new investment app out called Acorns. Read my acorns app review and find out my thoughts as to whether using Acorns is worth your time and money. Should you Invest with Acorns?

I thought I’d check it out. But before I dive into the app, let’s briefly speak about investing. Investing for the future can be hard. Knowing what to invest in, and monitoring your investments can be a major time drain and for some it’s painful. I’m a pretty risk adverse person. I like to be paid for my work and my contributions. But I understand the value in investing for your future.

And I understand the importance of financial markets and their effects on the world. But there’s one thing that catches me off guard. You need a good amount of capital to have a shot at making some money. Acorns is a unique concept. It aims to let its users invest their spare change. It’s a spin from the micro-investments paradigm.

It works by letting you connect your credit card or debit card, and automatically rounds up the change from every purchase you make to add to your investment portfolio. 25 to add to your portfolio. It’s like a digital piggy bank. The money that’s sent to your Acorns portfolio is then invested by Acorn to hopefully make you some more money.

Acorn says their team is compiled of investment analysts, mathematicians, and economists. People who know what to invest in and when. Sidenote: If anything, Acorns obviously has a good marketing team. At any time, you can make a deposit into your account to boost your portfolio. Ranging from aggressive to conservative. And you have the option to withdraw your money out of your portfolio anytime.