Real estate investment groups in philadelphia

Ever thought of living in Philadelphia? Before you start thinking I’m crazy, and you’re saying, “Who the heck would commute from Philly? City of Brotherly Love one of the leading homeownership markets in the country. Just 68 minutes by train, Philadelphia is less of a commute for some New Yorkers than those real estate investment groups in philadelphia in Long Island, Connecticut or parts of New Jersey.

For freelancers, telecommuters, and corporate types who don’t have to be in New York every day, Philadelphia is a design-conscious homeowner’s dream. Maybe that’s why empty nesters and recent retirees are flocking to the city. Rents are an even better deal. A resurgence in real estate and investment has turned Philadelphia into one of the most livable and affordable cities in the country,” says Mayor-elect Michael Nutter, who’ll take office in February.

There is incredible vibrancy on a cultural level and an economic level. Not hindered by any mortgage crisis or housing slowdown, Philadelphia has grown leaps and bounds to become the third-largest downtown population in the country, behind New York and Chicago. Paul Levy, president and founder of the Center City business improvement district, one of the groups responsible for the Philadelphia turnaround. That’s more than any other city in the United States.