Real estate investment analysis spreadsheet

Please forward this error screen to 108. I have in the industry as well as the endless number of contacts I have established. Pinpoint real estate investment analysis spreadsheet within your market to tap into for maximum deal prospecting. Teach Next, I guide you through the process of implementing my methods.

Then evaluate your progress and adjust accordingly based on your needs. 24 months, and 5 year goals. Next, we’ll pinpoint and  then improve upon your weaknesses. The first 60 days of this course will focus on specific lessons on making money. I provide you with ongoing support for up to 10 months after the initial training schedule, as needed. This method allows you to stay on track and not deviate from your goals. A good mentor can hold the keys to your real estate investing success.

Whether you’re just getting started down the road towards fulfilling your real estate investing dreams or you’re a little more experienced, mentorship is a must. I have practical, relevant experience that I will pass on to you. I will take the steps necessary to ensure that you learn about multiple investing strategies. I will share my knowledge and advise you on how to better market yourself, and provide you with essential real estate investing tips and strategies that you can implement in your own career.

To benefit successfully from my expertise, you must be accountable for assignments and follow up. Expect me to be diligent, open and honest about your progress. Remember, your job is to ask questions when uncertainty begins to make you wonder. Then apply every step of my plan into your investment efforts. This itinerary may be modified where necessary to accommodate your advanced experience levels. While my basic itinerary assumes you have minimal experience, the program can be modified to accommodate more seasoned investors.

Can you say with confidence in your business that you practice due diligence in all phases of your business? How do you define this in your business routine? Due diligence done the right way takes considerable time and effort. Many investors often just skim over the details from time-to-time. This is not a wise move as huge financial and personal loss could result. We’ll cover the cause and effect of real time market values.