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In Canada there are many investment solutions that can rbc investments phone number you reach your savings goals. RESP can help you save for your child’s post secondary education and an RRSP can help you plan for your retirement.

GICs, to help you get you where you want to go. Understanding all the investment choices and how to take advantage of the plans that provide tax benefits can be overwhelming. We’re here to help with solutions to meet your individual needs. Any investment income earned in this plan is tax-free29. 7,200 per child31, or more depending on the family’s income level or province of residence. Income and investment growth is tax-deferred,32 and may be taxed at a lower rate, or not taxed at all, when it is paid out to the beneficiary for their education costs.

There is no charge to open one and no administration fees. However, these benefits may not be enough to support the retirement lifestyle you want. And the sooner you start, the more time your money has to grow. Ready to Buy a GIC or Need Advice?

Mutual funds: Professionally managed investments Mutual funds pool the contributions of many investors into an investment fund managed by professional fund managers. We offer a wide range of funds to choose from, including funds that focus on Canadian and international stocks, bonds and money market instruments, from very conservative to aggressive growth, designed to meet your investment needs and goals. Be sure to read the applicable Fund Facts, which outlines its objectives, management approach and any associated costs and fees. Talk to an RBC advisor today. Do You Have More Sophisticated Investment Needs? If you have more specific investing needs, RBC Wealth Management may be the right financial partner for you. Your dedicated RBC Wealth Management advisor can create a personalized investment portfolio drawing on a complete range of investment choices worldwide.

RBC Wealth Management also provides customized wealth management solutions encompassing financial, retirement and estate planning. Prefer To Manage Your Own Investments? GICs that can be held in a variety of registered and non-registered accounts. 95 flat33 equity trades for all clients — no minimum account balance or trading activity required. 95 flat equity trades when you make 150 or more trades per quarter. Find inspiration and new ideas in the Community34, where you can connect with other investors and exchange ideas about potential investments.