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A former Halifax-based investment services salesman has been permanently banned from conducting securities-related business by the self-regulatory association for Canadian mutual fund dealers. 20,000 from a client sometime between Quadrus investment services login. 12, 2010 and June 11, 2014 and used that money to pay personal debts instead of investing it for his client.

He had advised that client to withdraw the money from a registered retirement savings plan and give it to him to invest. 4, 2014, he also failed to an attend an interview to investigate his conduct. 8, 2013 and is no longer in that industry. I often do insurance reviews with clients or, when a loved one dies, sit with families who try to figure out what insurance their loved ones had and what is still in force. It’s often the policies that were taken out decades ago that send us on a goose chase!

Over the last few decades the number of mergers of life insurance companies and changes of ownership has been incredible. What frustrates consumers is that a new company often means a new policy number, so when you call and reference your original policy number it’s hard for the customer service representative to bring up the information. In addition, lapsed or cancelled policies are often not entered or transferred in the same manner, making it hard to get any type of history on what happened to the original coverage. I cannot stress how important it is to keep your address up-to-date on your insurance policies for this reason. If you do receive a notice in the mail that something has changed on your policy, please keep it with your original policy in a safe place with the rest of your important documents.