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2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Documenting the greatest building boom’s inglorious finale. The company blamed its filing on the collapse of the real estate market, saying its sales last year had fallen by about half from 2007. 1 billion in Chapter 11 documents filed today in U. There has been a sharp fall in both the number of new homes sold in the United States, as well as the prices of new homes sold,” Chief Restructuring Officer Bradley D.

The California-based builder had been in the news on January 30 for having hired a restructuring consultant, laying off staff and shutting certain projects down. The company, which ranked as the 52nd largest home builder in the country per builderonline. 2007, and closed on over 1,000 properties. 300 million on sales of some 560 homes. If you have any further details on this bankruptcy filing, please comment below via our Builder Implode Forums or email us. We have been hearing rumblings about development foreclosures on Pasquinelli Homes, and noted this August 23rd Courier News article about one of them—Tuscany Woods Phase One, outside Chicago.

Village Attorney Mark Schuster said Park National Bank of Oak Park has started “a foreclosure proceeding” in the 16th Circuit Court in Geneva, with the intention of taking over the development. He said a hearing was held Thursday and another has been scheduled for Sept. Schuster said bank officials told him they have hired a builder to finish homes that already have been sold but not built, or that are partially finished. The court action applies only to Phase One, which consists of about half of the development’s 409 acres and 342 of the total 540 homes and townhomes planned. Phase One had been owned by a corporation named Pasquinelli-Tuscany Woods LLC, a branch of the larger Pasquinelli organization. We’ve also heard rumors similar things are happening to Pasquinelli in Flordia, Texas, and South Carolina, to name a few.

We’ll keep an eye on them—if you know anything, drop us a line. Chief Executive Officer Brian Ennis said the company was selling houses, but its land holdings fell in value so far so fast that some banks stopped financing development. Although the market is challenging, selling homes is not our key issue,” Ennis said. Our key issue was some of our banks stopped lending money. Ennis said of its 12 home-building projects, three have been eliminated including Silver Oaks in Visalia and two other projects in Dinuba and Wasco. Ennis said he had 54 contracts ready to start construction in June 2008 when one of its national lenders refused to loan the money to continue building the homes in the projects they financed. Ennis said the company works with about seven different lenders, but this particular unnamed lender, who he said received some of the government’s bailout money, became difficult to deal with.

The situation became the basis for the company’s decision to file for protection. Two years ago Ennis Homes employed some 130 people. Today the company is down to 32 employees. Ennis Homes built approximately 170 homes in both 2007 and 2006. If you have further information on this implosion listing, please let us know by emailing a tip or commenting below. Lawrence Homes – North Carolina home builder – story story Raleigh, North Carolina-based St.

North Carolina based homebuilder with additional operations in Ohio, has announced that is has filed a Chapter 11 petition in the United States Bankruptcy Court in Raleigh, NC citing the national weakness of the residential construction and real estate markets. Additionally, the company has been challenged by the tightening of borrowing requirements placed upon it sources of operating credit. During the 12 months ending Sept. Lawrence sold 183 homes throughout the Triangle — down 27 percent from the same period a year earlier, Market Opportunity Research Enterprises data show. Lawrence was founded in the late 1980s.