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CHECK YOUR BR1M APPLICATION RESULT NOW! Budget 2014: Impact on property market? Transfer of Shares: Why Do The New Shareholders’ Names Not Property investment company malaysia in SSM System? I am foreigner and can I register company in Malaysia?

I was told I must have 2 local directors in Company if I want to register a company in Malaysia? Do I need to have 2 Malaysians as directors or partners in my company? I can not be director if I do not have any visa or working permit. Before we answer all the above questions, let’s look at the following basic requirements in order to form a company in Malaysia. Every company shall have at least two directors, who each has his principal or only place of residence within Malaysia. If you do not have valid business or working visa and you may still manage to setup new company in Malaysia, you may be found offence in Migration Act. Please consult with Immigration Department before doing so.

If you are not residing in Malaysia and you do not have at least 2 directors who are residing in Malaysia, you are not able to register company in Malaysia. Please read the above article for more details. Founder and Managing Partner of NBC Professional Group. Can a new company open bank account in Malaysia?

It really give me a shock to know this is not true. Let me check with my secretary and see what he said about this. Really appreciate on the information, thank you. However, you can set your paid up capital at the time you register your company. You do not need to pay to any one for the paid up capital of your company.

Malaysian Partners, you will be unable to register a company in Malaysia. I am an Indonesian citizen, currently residing in Malaysia for the past two years and into my third year now. Sir, I am now interested in operating a business with two other partners, both Malaysian citizens. The only option for you is Sdn Bhd. I am from India, presently having employment pass which will expire in march end, had couple of questions and it will be great if someone can address them. May i open my own company with all three directors foreigner including me. How much total capital investment will be involved.