Pro forma real estate investment excel

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The recording, classifying, summarizing and interpreting in a significant manner and in terms of money, transactions and events of a financial character. Trade accounts of businesses representing obligations to pay for goods and services received. Trade accounts of businesses representing moneys due for goods sold or services rendered evidenced by notes, statements, invoices or other written evidence of a present obligation. Current assets less inventories divided by current liabilities. The act of one company taking over controlling interest in another company. Investors often look for companies that are likely acquisition candidates, because the acquiring firms are often willing to pay a premium to the market price for the shares.

Individuals that provide venture capital to seed or early stage companies. Business angels can usually add value through their contacts and expertise. Independent Angels provide equity capital to small businesses, most often entering into participation during the growth phase of maturation. Archangels are individuals who marshal informal capital by establishing syndicates of other investors.

Milestones Benchmarks are performance goals against which a company’s success is measured. Often they are used by investors to help determine whether a company will receive additional funding or whether management will receive extra stock. Sometimes management will agree to issue more stock to its investors if the company does not meet its benchmarks, thus compensating the investor for the delay of his return. Bridge Loans are short-term financing agreements that fund a company’s operations until it can arrange a more comprehensive longer-term financing. The need for a bridge loan arises when a company runs out of cash before it can obtain more capital investment through long-term debt or equity.

Funds provided to enable an enterprise to acquire another enterprise or product line or business. The final event to complete the investment, at which time all the legal documents are signed and the funds are transferred. Money that business owners must pay back with interest. The thorough investigation and evaluation of a company‚Äôs financial history, potential legal issues, intellectual property portfolio, shareholder problems, management team’s characteristics, investment philosophy, and terms and conditions prior to committing capital to the fund.