Mass effect investment opportunities

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The Shadow Broker Base is a massive ship that travels through the volatile atmosphere of Hagalaz, which conceals its presence. It is from here that the Shadow Broker rules his empire. The exterior of the Shadow Broker’s ship is a hazardous place. The Shadow Broker’s private army patrols the exterior, and Maintenance Drones tend to the hull and the systems on the exterior of the ship.

The exterior also has no hand or guardrails making it a dangerous place to patrol. The interior of the ship has many compartments including the ship’s engines, which must remain active at all times to prevent it from falling. Also inside is central operations, probably the nerve center of the ship. There is also a prison block where the Shadow Broker keeps his enemies, and torture facilities for interrogation purposes. Finally there is the Shadow Broker’s Office, Intel Center, and private quarters. Spoilers for Mass Effect 2 follow.

After completing Lair of the Shadow Broker, the Shadow Broker’s Base becomes a visitable location. Inside the Shadow Broker’s Intel Center are several terminals with numerous functions. The Advanced Training terminal allows the player to redistribute a squadmate’s ability points at a cost of 1000 Element Zero per character. This is a standard Armor Locker like the one located on the Normandy SR-2, where the player can customize armor and outfits. Here, the player can receive shipments from the Shadow Broker’s contacts. New deliveries are received daily, between missions, or assignments and include upgrades and resources. If you wish to expedite the collection of all upgrades, you can do so by changing the date on your PC.

Save after a pick up, change the date on your system and then reload the save. It is advisable to use dates in the past, because the game automatically loads the “newest” save game on “Resume” from main menu and Quick-Load, i. The amount of resources obtained with each pickup is selected randomly. Platinum, Palladium, and Iridium are dispensed in quantities of 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, 80,000, or 160,000. Element zero is dispensed in quantities of 1,250, 2,500, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 40,000, or 80,000. Upgrades: Sniper Rifle Damage Upgrade – “An ex-STG weapons researcher has sent a schematic that will improve sniper rifle damage.

Submachine Gun Damage Upgrade – “Batarian State Arms has sent a schematic for modifying the SMG in exchange for help in blackmailing Citadel officials. Shotgun Damage Upgrade – “An agent in the Skyllian Verge has sent a schematic for a shotgun modification. Assault Rifle Damage Upgrade – “This assault rifle modification was found on the body of an Elkoss Combine spy who failed an attempt at corporate espionage. Resources: Element Zero – “A spy inside Eldfell-Ashland Energy has sent a shipment of element zero. Platinum – “A minister from Terra Nova has sent platinum from the planet’s reserves for favors rendered.

Palladium – “A money-laundering recycling center has sent palladium salvaged from old armor and cybernetics. Iridium – “A start-up mining company has delivered its protection payment in iridium. These files consist of information on these characters’ recent activities. It will follow the “Broker” around, as it is programmed to recognize anyone in the room as the Broker, and give them periodic updates about the Galaxy and the people in it. There is a certain amount of credits needed to invest in these opportunities however.