Long term investment advice

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Please forward this error screen to 209. What Is Kaiser Long Term Health Care? Kaiser Long Term Health is a Medical Insurance that aims to give you a financial support for your health when you get old. Kaiser, and I earn for every policy that we can close. We consider Long Term Health Care as level 1 of Financial Freedom and Financial Peace. Non Phil health Member should pay the Phil health coverage payment before using Kaiser.

So it is necessary to be a Phil health Member. Lifetime Network access to over 500 hospitals and over 1,000 doctors as long as you have funds. A total of Php 2,500 is required as Policy Fee but can be paid on a yearly basis of 500 per year. Payment can be made on 5 options. Kaiser Long Term Health Care is a combination of Health Insurance, Term life, Investment, Low Monthly cost, Cash Value Guaranteed, Death Benefit and More. Updates : Low Monthly cost shall mean that monthly payment for policy is low compared to others.