Kiribati citizenship by investment

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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-192186213224. The term global citizenship is known as the responsibilities, rights, and obligations that are a part of an individual’s life as a member of the global entity and as a citizen of a certain state nation. The idea behind the term Global citizenship is that the identity of an individual represents the geographic and political borders. Along with that, it also shows that the obligations or rights are derived from a much broader spectrum, known as humanity.

This definition does not give the meaning that a person should forget or betray his nationality or another, like the local identities. It means that the identity of an individual in the broader spectrum of humanity holds the second place in the global community. This idea of identity leads to the question about the state of the big global community in the present age of globalization. In the education sector, this term is mostly described as a set of values or known as the worldview from which the core of educations is derived. From global citizenship, the term global society is derived which explains the concept of global studies which is a part of education for students to make them a global citizen in their future. In the modern education system, the term global citizenship is giving birth to the movements like peace education, multicultural education, human rights education, international education, and sustainable development education as well.

The concept of global citizenship is gaining more and more attention of famous scholars as they are researching the concept and are developing even more detailed perspectives regarding global citizenship. Many scholars and thinkers of the modern world think that the term global citizenship refers to the concept of ethics and political philosophy as well. According to psychology, there are many differences regarding the idea of global citizenship among the individuals of the entire world. People who strongly believe and have faith in the concept of them being a global citizen also have a high approach towards their personality traits and are also much caring and empathetic when it comes to others benefit. People with high level of association with the idea of global citizenship are likely less prejudiced towards many communities and groups existing the world. Such people are more attracted towards the global interests, issues of poverty, suffering, and inequality.

Things are quite different for the people who have less interest in the idea of global citizenship. In the modern world, the concept of nation states is gaining less attention due to globalization which may lead to the idea of redefining the ties between geography and the civic engagement. Interpretations given by many scholars are that as the concept of nation has changed it might affect the concept of global citizenship even if it is situated in the territories of a certain state. Globalization has an interesting feature that if the world is being internationalized at the present time then it is also being localized at the exact same time. The world starts to shrink as the small communities like villages, cities, and towns start. This process has introduced a new term called glocalization that is the global and local as combined.