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Grand Circle Cruise Line, Overseas Adventure Travel, and Grand Circle Travel, and is the nationally recognized leader in international travel, adventure, and discovery to Americans over the age of 50. Country Brook CafĂ© Opening in Kensington, NH a Great Success! There are two giant entities at work in our country, and they both have an amazing influence on our daily livesone has given us radar, sonar, stereo, teletype, the transistor, hearing aids, kensington investment company boston ma larynxes, talking movies, and the telephone. Photo courtesy of Ron Christianson of “Cyber Telephone Museum” website.

Close cooperation between Western Electric and Bell Laboratories engineers resulted in the introduction of countless communications products and services. Similarly, the close relationships between Western Electric and each of the operating companies embodied a spirit of united service to the public. Company loyalty on the part of employees was the norm back then. If you wanted a secure job and one that you felt you could put your blood, sweat and tears into, the Bell System was the place to be. The Bell System was heavily involved with civil defense preparedness during the cold war days.

The Bell System, known for providing high quality equipment and top-notch service to the customer, came to an end in 1984. In spite of all of the great things the Bell System was known for, the public opinion toward the Bell System was sometimes very negative as noted by these two artifacts from the past: The button shown below on the left with the cracked bell is from the CWA during negotiations with the Bell System in the 1970’s. Others didn’t like the idea of the US government support of a corporate monopoly. I’m sure if you are old enough to remember having phone service with the Bell System prior to 1984, you’ll remember a few policies they had that seem comical if not ridiculous today. Let me set the record straight before I go on any further. I was never, and am not now, an employee of or stock holder of any of the former Bell System companies or the post-divestiture companies.