Is silver a good investment for retirement

Please forward this error screen to 192. Millions face British Gas price hike: Energy bills for dual fuel customers will increase by is silver a good investment for retirement average of 5. 100 coin after the roaring success of one it launched last year featuring Big Ben saw 50,000 of them sell out in just 11 days. The new coin, launched this week, features Buckingham Palace and is made of 999 silver, the purest form, with once again a limited number of 50,000 available to buy.

But experts warn they might not make a worthwhile investment in the long-run. 100 – but is it a good investment? 100 coins, although legal tender, cannot be used for everyday use and as such are marketed as collectors’ items. 15-20, meaning the coin is worth a fraction of the purchase price.

But the exclusivity and limited edition factor, along with the fact they may be gifted to children or grandchilden in the future, will be the biggest attraction to most. If you can’t spend the coins, are they a worthy investment? And will their value rise in the future? A spokeswoman, from coinage experts the London Coin Company, thinks not. The coin will probably keep its value better as it was the first year, but we would not call either a good investment. 100 silver coin got collectors interested but it seems the Royal Mint, like others, is launching as many products as possible.

Products sold from the mintages of most of its products over the last two to three years are way down. Gerry Buddle, of the London Numismatic Club, said: ‘We need to remember that the Royal Mint is a business and likes to make a good profit on its “special offerings”. For that reason, it tends to make a lot of them and charge well over any precious metal value. Once the coins get out into the general market, most dealers will price them based on their rarity and on any bullion value. So we will often see cases where, e.

Not surprising as there is no rarity value. This doesn’t mean that the Mint issues aren’t attractive and good souvenirs – just that they are rarely good investments, particularly in the short term by which I mean 50 years. If you must treat coins as an investment, then the golden rule is to buy something which would be difficult to find in the future and which collectors will want. So, if there are any modern Mint issues which are very limited then those might offer an opportunity. However my advice would be to find yourself a friendly dealer and buy much older British coins in the best condition you can afford. They will give you a lot more pleasure and probably turn a handsome profit if you are prepared to hang onto them for a few years.

Royal Mint allows 10 of the coins per household. Each Buckingham Palace coin comes with a detailed history of the palace in a collectable mount. They are also the first face-value coins to be issued with the new portrait of the Queen. 999 silver is the purest form – it means it is 99. 925 silver would be silver made from 92. 5 per cent silver, mixed with other materials – and other variations exist. How much is two ounces worth?

Buckingham Palace is pictured behind the Victoria Memorial, as if you were walking down The Mall towards it. Shane Bissett, director of commemorative coin and medals, said: ‘Buckingham Palace is an instantly recognisable architectural icon for the millions of British citizens and tourists who have seen it in person or in pictures and on film. They also recently a coin to celebrate the baptism of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. For current account rewards and interest conditions may apply eg.

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