Is silver a good investment 2017

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If you survived the 1970s, you probably have several large occupants in your closet of anxieties—such as disco, shoulder pads, and inflation. While the first two may haunt you for ages, you can get rid of your fear of soaring prices if you choose your inflation hedges wisely. Inflation is a perfectly rational fear for investors, as rising prices erode the real value of your nest egg. While inflation since the global financial crisis has been deader than a car battery in a Minnesota winter, it may be coming back to life. March, according to the Labor Department. After lifting short-term interest rates in March, Federal Reserve Board chair Janet Yellen hinted that more rate hikes may be on the way to contain rising prices, but it could be a while before the Fed’s medicine takes effect.

So it’s up to you to protect your portfolio. Pay Attention Conventional wisdom says the yellow metal is a cure for inflation, but gold’s record has been spotty. This precious metal has many industrial uses. And it’s cheap now compared with gold, says David Beahm, CEO of Blanchard Precious Metals. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities are a type of Treasury that adds to your principal as the CPI rises. But those additions are taxable, so TIPS are best held in a retirement account. And they’re still bonds, so they’ll get dinged when rates rise.