Is gold a safe investment

Please forward this error screen to 108. NEVER INVITE ME TO THE EVIL SOCIAL Is gold a safe investment ! China, the Saudis have ceded control of the oil market.

OPEC is dead, and the Russian Rosneft Oil Consortium will take over control. The Chinese have investment in diverse manner in the entire Arab world. The Petro-Dollar is seeing some important final stages toward its demise. INTERVIEW WITH MR FERGUSON AT T. The fuse is the rising yield on long-term USTreasury Bonds. The bonfire is composed of paper assets, given false high valuations, in the stock and bond markets. Shoulders reversal pattern is between 3.

It has been a reliable pattern in the past. The sudden rise in bond yields will pinprick the US Stock market. The QE experiment will end in a new disaster. The year 2018 will see the global breakdown begin to occur in greater speed. The Jackass calls it the Systemic Lehman Event.