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Manage your account and access personalized content. Access your cloud dashboard, manage orders, and more. The OCA gives Oracle and the contributor joint copyright investments sharpe alexander bailey pdf in thre code. The contributor retains copyrights while also granting those rights to Oracle as the project sponsor.

You need only sign the OCA once in order to cover all changes that you might contribute to any Oracle-sponsored open-source project. If you’ve already signed the OCA in order to contribute to a Oracle-sponsored project then you do not need to sign it again in order to contribute to other projects requiring the OCA. An FAQ is mentioned in the Oracle Contributor Agreement. Or, you may use that email address to request a fax number for remittance of hard copy.

Copies of physically signed documents include faxed or scanned copies of physically signed original documents. No electronically generated ‘signatures’ will be accepted. Oracle that use the Contributor Agreement. Abdo – JDK – java.