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That’s Right, This Beekeeping Guide Gives You Step-by-Step Instructions On How to Start Beekeeping, Produce Your Very Own Quality Honey And Avoid Common Mistakes! Beekeeping is a hobby that is gaining a lot of attention lately. The reason why it is gaining a lot of this attention is because the demand of honey has risen due to it’s health benefits and because bees help in the pollination of our plants. On the other hand it can be a reliable source of residual income because you can sell the honey produced by your bees and all related costs of producing it are extremely minimal allowing anyone to get started even on a tight budget. The consumption of honey is over 300 million pounds per annum, just in the U. So you can imagine the consumption in the rest of the world for this extra special food if you were to export your produce. Now, picture yourself and your family positioned to produce enough honey to meet the endless list of highly in demand bee products.