Investment banking courses university

This programme is suspended for June and July entry. Investment banking courses university are places available on our September course.

Course Summary You will gain the necessary skills and knowledge required to work in this growing and sophisticated banking and finance sector. On completion of your programme you will be able to effectively perform relevant banking and finance tasks, including specific requirements of Islamic banking, financial products and services. You will also learn to be effective, working independently and as part of a team, while critically evaluating and developing good practice in the planning and management of general, commercial and Islamic banking and financial products and services. Course Details The programme is block delivered and there are six entry points per year. Students will take the modules below in a sequence dependent on their start date. This course has been designed to provide you with necessary skills and in-depth knowledge required to work in this growing and sophisticated Islamic banking and finance sector.

Provide a rigorous, academically challenging and vocationally relevant programme of postgraduate study, and provide graduates with the appropriate advanced level skills and knowledge which will enable them to contribute to the needs of the growing and sophisticated Islamic banking and finance sector. Enable graduates to apply general banking requirements and the specific requirements in providing Islamic Banking and Finance products and services. Equip graduates with advanced level skills and understanding necessary to effectively and efficiently perform tasks relevant to the organisation or organisations involved with Islamic banking and finance services. Islamic banking and finance products and services. Develop an advanced level understanding of research methods and an effective capability of applying advanced Islamic banking and finance concepts and techniques to a wide range of general, commercial and Islamic banking and finance problems.

Develop the capability of critical evaluation of the impact of market behaviour on bank performance and organisational behaviour with reference to Islamic bank products and services. Synthesise and critically evaluate recent and current literature on a wide range of MSc Investment and Finance theories and issues in order to develop and apply conceptual frameworks. Develop and apply a strategy for the collection, analysis, critical evaluation and interpretation of data. Work with others in making effective strategic and operational decisions related to the management of an enterprise in a globally competitive, diverse and dynamic environment. You will examine exchange, inflation, interest rates and other factors which impact on the performance of firms and assess the significance of decision-making in a global context.