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A southern Illinois farmer works on his tractor in an almost ready to harvest soybean field, near Lebanon, Ill. FILE PHOTO: The logo of Amazon. How do you know in advance which stocks to watch for potential buyable declines sparked by fears about a China trade war? A job is always good, but a good job is the best. Some careers are looking up — many of these jobs have promising growth over the next decade, according to the U. One of the new blogs I’ve been enjoying of late has been the site of a lively debate on investing for dividends.

Dividend Mantra presents a guest post there on his Dividend Growth Investing approach. Blog reader Dan, in turn, makes some very astute observations. While you’re there it’s worth checking out Mr. Note:  well my intention was to also post this over there but it seems Mr. MM has closed the comments on that entry.

Ah well, at least I got this blog post out of it. For those readers with some basic knowledge it has been  fun to sift thru the conversation. However, for those who are new to this whole investing thing, they are likely more confused than ever with the conflicting claims. At the risk of stirring up the dust again, I believe it is important that beginning investors be very clear on what is accurate information here. With vanishingly rare exception Index Investing bests all other methods. Receiving dividends in a taxable account is a taxable event. The payment of dividends represents a reduction in the company’s value that precisely matches the amount paid.