Invest in yourself or nobody else will

Please forward this error screen to 38. I am a fan of Survivopedia and I love your invest in yourself or nobody else will. I have read that is helpful. Everything else is for millionaires to get off shore banking, get lots of gold, buy real estate and on and on.

This is a very good question that Dianne asks. I am is a man who tries to do his best. Having said that, the standard in the financial investment community is to put your investors money beside your own, taking the same risks and receiving the same benefits. So, based on that standard, the best I can do is to tell you what I’m doing myself.

Let me start by saying a couple of things about what a financial collapse isn’t. It’s not a total breakdown of society. While we can expect crime to increase, as desperate people try to meet their needs, the police and the courts will still be working, trying to track down criminals and put them in jail. Our government, like all governments, is a parasite. As such, it will keep itself alive, even if that means killing off its host. That means that they will be continuing the poor fiscal policy that is causing the collapse in the first place, taking the money that you and I need for recovery.

Most only last a few years. Even the worst collapse in history, the Great Depression, was over in ten years. So it’s reasonable to assume that any future collapse will end as well, probably after a few years. The advice that the reader mentions for the millionaires may not even work in the face of a financial collapse.