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World-Class IT Consulting and Technical Project ManagementPTS Consulting has over 30 years’ experience of delivering world-class IT solutions to some invest consulting group ltd the world’s leading organisations. To maximise the value that IT delivers, it needs to be aligned with an organisation’s Business and Real Estate objectives. Click on interactive map for specific office details, or go to contact us for details of all our offices. New Zealand are the leading Australasian management consulting firm specialising in the wider food value chain.

In other words, things you put in your mouth and places that sell them. The leading Australasian management consulting firm specialising in agri-food, food and beverages, retailing and consumer packaged goods. We advise clients on growth strategy, mergers and acquisitions, operational improvement and organisational change. We help our clients assemble the facts needed to guide big decisions. We develop practical, fact-based insights grounded in the real world that guide decisions and actions. We work with clients to make change happen. We focus on the Asia Pacific region.

We understand markets and systems in Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the U. We regularly evaluate a wide range of products and markets. While our private client work is highly confidential, much of our government work is publicly available. That was very well received by our board It doesn’t always go that well. A feeling of serenity comes over me whenever I open one of your reports.

Actually it’s probably because of you that we have. That work is easily the best thing have ever commissioned. They produce a heap of reports that are a waste of time. You can actually do something with it. This report is well received by both overseas investors seeking greenfields projects and local companies looking to expand their processing operations. The information, whilst in-depth, is at the same time easily understood by clients. I’ve had a lot of people promise me a lot of things and not deliver.

You’re the only ones who have always delivered. The valid observations made me recalibrate what is possible in terms of production and value upside. Now I know why we have your number on speed dial in the conference room. This is the most useful piece of work we’ve gotten from a client by far. Your report is the by far the best I’ve seen on . This is the best piece of research work I’ve seen and we buy a lot.

Your flexibility in handling development of the work as we developed the brief was great. In a small way, the research helped keep interest rates down. It resulted in more confidence and less risky lending. A real game changer for this organisation. It is fair to say you work has completely reset the dialog around agriculture in this state. 1996, assists municipalities and utilities with the development, implementation and management of meter reading, revenue and debt management services as well as water and electricity infrastructure upgrades and maintenance.

He previously served as the Group Financial Director, a position he had held since 2012. He is responsible for strategy development and day-to-day operational concerns for the Group and its subsidiaries. Russell’s new role as COO is centered around integration, particularly within our occupational risk and education and training businesses, leveraging off his experience gained since joining the MICROmega Group in November 2009. Cornelia then joined the JSE listed building materials company, Dawn Limited, as the Group financial accountant.