Iboxx liquid investment grade index

Liquid Investment Grade Index, Corporate, Fixed Income, Bond, U. Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF tracks iboxx liquid investment grade index market-weighted index of US corporate investment-grade bonds across the maturity spectrum. LQD Factset Analytics Insight LQD is easily one of the most popular corporate bond ETFs with truly massive liquidity and huge AUM. LQD differs from our benchmark in key ways.

LQD MSCI ESG Analytics Insight The MSCI ESG Fund Quality Score measures the ability of ETF underlying holdings to manage key medium to long-term risks and opportunities arising from environmental, social, and governance factors, as determined by MSCI ESG Research LLC. Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF MSCI ESG Fund Quality Score is 4. The fund’s Peer Rank reflects the ranking of a fund’s MSCI ESG Fund Quality Score against the scores of other funds within the same peer group, as defined by the Thomson Reuters Lipper Global Classification. LQD ranks in the 52nd percentile within its peer group and in the 30th percentile within the global universe of all funds in MSCI ESG Fund Metrics coverage. All returns over 1 year are annualized.

All returns are total returns unless otherwise stated. The difference between the highest price a market participant is willing to pay to buy an ETF and the lowest price at which a market participant is willing to sell an ETF, averaged over the past 60 days, as a percent. Assumes that interest can be reinvested at YTM rate. If an ETF holds other ETFs, we count every constituent, looking through the ETF wrapper.

Index Weighting MethodologyA set of rules that the underlying index provider follows to weight its constituent securities. Index Selection MethodologyA set of rules that the underlying index provider follows to select its constituent securities. Compares returns of the fund’s NAV to its underlying index for a daily series of overlapping 12 month periods. The median is the middle value of the results.

Largest deviation in a positive direction of a fund’s returns vs. Tax on DistributionsIRS treatment of the majority of the fund’s distributions. Distributes K1ETFs that are structured as commodities pools and classified as limited partnerships by the IRS will issue K-1 forms to holders. The division of securities lending revenue between the fund and the issuer. 1 million USD block of LQD. LQD is rated a 5 out of 5. Median dollar value of shares traded over the past 45 trading days.