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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. 035 0 0 1 6 . Random Events are gta 5 invest in tinkle and short missions which spawn randomly throughout the San Andreas Map in Grand Theft Auto V.

Random events often allow the player to make a dynamic choice and decide whether to help or hinder a bystander. The type of encounter is often determined by the color of the dot that appears on the map. Of course, depending on the encounter and the player’s actions, the color of the icon may change. Attacking the person will change it to red, and attacking the other person will change the icon to light blue.

Altruist Cult shootout will only appear once and will not respawn when completed. Events that do repeat include robberies, cop chases, shootouts, muggings, and others. Certain types of encounters cannot be completed more than once per week. This is particularly true for the Security Vans, the Border Patrols, the Abandoned Vehicles, and some other event types.

In the case the player has completed an event of a certain type, i. Security Vans, he will have to wait for 6-7 in-game days to pass before he can encounter more Security Vans. A lone Surfer sits idling on a desolate dirt road near the airfield. As the player approaches the car, a man will appear behind the player and stun him.

The screen will turn black, and the player will wake up wearing only underwear over a railway line with a train approaching him quickly. RON Alternates Wind Farm – All characters. The player will find a Journey parked on a dirt road in the wind farm, with a couple of male rednecks having sexual intercourse inside. If disturbed, they’ll turn hostile, leave the vehicle and try to shoot the player. The player will find a cop chasing a criminal and will have the choice of either: shooting the leg of the criminal and help the cop in capturing him, or killing the cop and helping the criminal escape. 250 and 2 stars for helping the criminal, nothing if the player helps the police officer.