Greenfield investment vs merger and acquisition

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Bio patents are legal, but the ethical issues of DNA patents and other patents on life will go on. Urgent project, time crunch, emergency assignment. Presumption that benefit plans are not vested, withdrawal of benefits, lifetime benefits. Qualify as disabled under the ADA, physical impairment, mental impairment, substantially limits a major life activity, Americans with Disabilities Act. Negligent misrepresentations in references, former employee work history, false or inaccurate information.

Employee handbook forms an implied employment contract, disclimer, implied-in-fact, implied-in-law. Employers non-discriminatory justifications for actions, Title VII case, unlawful discrimination, pretext. Kentucky Association of Health Plans, Inc. State statutes, relationship between insurers and health-care providers, ERISA, state laws, employment benefit plan, regulate insurance, banking, and securities. Workers compensation insurance, employee benefit plan, bankruptcy, ERISA, Chapter 11.

Employer access to emails received or sent at work, Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Gender-stereotyping, establish discrimination on basis of sex. First published in American Association of Law Libraries magazine Spectrum– click More Info above. Evasive discovery response, Christmas wish for discovery response.

How to word a Holiday card or Christmas Card. Free use permitted for most pro bono uses. Click “More Info” above for the free download zone. First published in AALL Spectrum– click More Info above. Great law librarians never say die.

Have you hugged your opposing counsel today? Many great ideas are unpatentable, but may be protectable by copyright or trademark. Research prior art to determine how to draft around it. How to probate a decedent’s estate. Things you can do with a law degree.

Legal department fighting the marketing department. Become a doctor or a lawyer? Get your time sheet in on time. Taking your work home with you.