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Will Electric Cars Take Us Back to the Future? Electric vehicles are poised to global investment group international llc global markets in the next few decades.

What impact will they have on how we live our lives? To meet the rising demands of online shopping and the internet economy, XPO Logistics tapped Morgan Stanley for ways to finance its global growth. Inspired by pro bono work as a junior employee, Alex Gialanella started an internship program inside Morgan Stanley for minority teenagers. Rising wealth, advancing technology and government reforms are poised to drive a phase of rapid financial market development and integration throughout Asia—with widespread implications. New Morgan Stanley research examines the common characteristics of bull market corrections and bear market turns to determine where equities are headed.

While there is increased market risk due to factors like rising interest rates, trade protectionism and inflation fears, is the market’s negative reaction overdone? New York charity Green Chimneys reached out for pro bono advice from Morgan Stanley to help it make Clearpool, its recent acquisition, self-sustaining. Trade and Protectionism: What Happens Next? As trade frictions escalate, how should investors view the implications of increased protectionism?