Gas and oil royalties as investments

Your information will not be shared with others. Depletion is the using up of a natural resource by mining, quarrying, drilling, or felling. Who Can Claim a Depletion Allowance? With cost depletion, a taxpayer recovers the actual capital investment throughout the gas and oil royalties as investments of income production.

Each year, the taxpayer deducts a portion of the original capital investment, less previous deductions, that is equal to the fraction of the estimated remaining recoverable reserves that have been produced and sold that year. The cumulative amount recovered under this method can never exceed the taxpayer’s original capital investment. Taxable Income Limit There is a taxable income limit for oil and gas royalty owners. More specific details on this topic can be found in IRS Publication 535. Bakken development around Lake Sakakawea is being delayed over a mineral rights dispute.

Related: North Dakota’s Complex Mineral Rights Issues Continental resources filed a lawsuit last week over questions surrounding who owns the mineral rights under Lake Sakakawea. Gas Exploration and Production Companies and has participated in transactions covering in excess of one million acres. Although our primary Area of Interest is Texas, Peacock has also participated in transactions located in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and New Mexico. In addition to exploration and development opportunities, Peacock Partners also acquire both producing and non-producing fee minerals and royalties for their own account, and manage investments in commercial real estate, ranching and small horsepower wellhead compression. Peacock Mineral Management offers mineral and royalty management solutions in the digital world to royalty owners, families, attorneys, Trustees and other fiduciaries. We are a Private Capital Group that provides alternative investment opportunities to high net worth individuals to create cashflow, possible tax saving options, and build equity long term through development in proven industries. The industries we target are unique, sustainable, profitable, and scalable sectors of the economy.

As an investment in oil and gas, I’ve found it very important to differentiate between the types of oil and gas properties you can invest in oil and gas. Producing: Drilling wells that are currently producing oil gas investment opportunities. These oil drilling investment opportunities provide the smallest return of the four types because there is little risk involved. Proved developed: Oil and gas reserves are proven and drilling wells exist, however, they are not currently operating and producing.