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Network Appliance has taken a quantum leap forward, particularly with foreign language support and user name essentials of investments access code. Filers will interoperate with Windows 2000.

UNIX-based clients, without compromising their respective file attributes, security models, or performance. Multiprotocol filing liberates the data infrastructure, largely freeing it from the constraints of operating system preference or legacy investments. NFS software can be installed on PC clients, but this can be costly and time-consuming, and does not provide a PC-friendly environment. Routine administrative functions like backup and restore would be duplicated. And it would still be difficult to implement applications that need to facilitate sharing of data between UNIX and PC users. 1 NFS Most UNIX clients use NFS for remote file access. Since then, it has become a de facto standard protocol, used by over ten million systems worldwide.

NFS is particularly common on UNIX-based systems, but NFS implementations are available for virtually every modern computing platform in current use, from desktops to supercomputers. The operating systems running on PCs do not include NFS. 9x, Windows for Workgroups and LAN Manager. In mid-1996, Microsoft began to promote CIFS as an open standard, with a published specification . Through developers’ conferences and interaction with standards bodies, Microsoft continues to actively solicit input for the future evolution of CIFS, with one goal being support for the protocol on non-Windows operating systems.