Early retirement investment strategy

People who can make me sit back and think, Mmmm. Or I never thought of that in quite that way. In most fields where I have a lay interest, physics or anthropology or evolution or psychology for example, this is not all early retirement investment strategy hard to do.

My knowledge level is modest and my learning curve in the early stages. I’ve been working thru my understanding of money, how to think about it and how to use it for decades. You’d be hard pressed to think of a mistake I haven’t made. When I read the arguments against the validity of index investing, for instance, it is my own voice I hear in my head.

So it is not often these days I find a writer who truly expands my financial horizons. Someone so clear and insightful that when we disagree I find myself re-evaluating my thinking. But what a thrill when I do. If you are a regular here, you may well already be familiar with The Mad Fientist. So impressed have I been, that I’ve fallen into the habit of routinely referring to his ideas and linking to his posts.