E2 visa minimum investment requirements

United States maintains treaties of commerce and navigation. Thailand is one of these countries. For a e2 visa minimum investment requirements of all treaty countries, click here.

To develop and direct the operation of an enterprise in which the applicant has invested a substantial amount of capital. E visas in order to accompany or follow to join their spouse or parent. They are not required to have the same nationality as the principal applicant to obtain an E visa. United States only so long as the conditions under which the visa was granted remain valid. Holders of E visas must intend to depart the United States upon the termination of their E status. Dependents are not authorized to work in the U. The applicant must be a citizen of a treaty country, e.

50 percent of the international trade involved must be between the U. Please note that a detailed explanation of why the applicant’s skills are essential for the enterprise in the U. The applicant must intend to depart the U. Ordinary skilled or unskilled workers do not qualify. How to Apply for an E-1 or E-2 Visa The U. Embassy will review your application only if you have a scheduled appointment and paid the visa fee.

Schedule your appointment on this web page. EFT payment or the “Transaction Reference Number” appearing on your Citibank receipt. Click here if you need help finding either of these numbers. IMPORTANT: Because your E-visa application requires a lengthy review that may take up to four weeks, we must receive your supporting documents at least 15 business days before your interview date. Failure to submit your documents in a timely manner will significantly delay your appointment time. NOTE: Dependent E-visa applications will only be considered at the same time as the principal applicant or after the principal applicant’s visa has been approved. If dependents do not apply for visas at the same time as the principal applicant, a copy of the principal applicant’s valid, approved E-visa must be submitted with the application.

Beginning June 01, 2016, we are changing to an on-line application system for E visas. From June 1 until June 30, you can file your application using either paper or on-line formats. From July 1, we will ONLY accept on-line applications. On the subject line, write: Surname, given name-E visa application-date of interview. For example, if your name is John Doe and you have a visa interview on January 1st, 2017, write on the subject line: Doe, John-E visa application-January 1, 2017. After you submit your application, you will receive an email confirmation. Please write us a separate email if you do not receive a confirmation email two days after you send your application.