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China Files WTO Dispute — China has filed a dispute with the World Trade Organization, alleging U. However, the Chinese did reconfirm they will lower tariffs on cars, potentially paving the way for negotiations. The announcement could offer a glimmer of negotiation to dampen the trade spat, which includes proposed tariffs on U. GOA Issues Report on Cattle Markets — A report by the Government Accountability Doing what matters most investing in quality teaching shows supply and demand factors that affected cattle feed prices, such as a drought, also affected changes in fed cattle prices.

From 2013 to 2016, the price of fed cattle fluctuated and experienced a sharp downturn beginning in late 2015. This raised concerns about the market and questions about USDA’s oversight. Farm Equipment Sales Improve in 1Q — In the first three months of the year, the sale of four-wheel drive tractors increased five percent from year ago levels. Year-to-date, combine sales are up four percent.

BWSR Responds to Farmer Criticism — The Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources is back-tracking from a proposal that would have substantially increased the fines for noncompliance with the buffer law. Tysen Rosenau of Carrington and William Wagner of Neche. New Founding Farmers Restaurant Opens — The North Dakota Farmers Union has opened its seventh farmer-owned restaurant. The Founding Farmers restaurant is located at the Reston, Virginia, outside of Washington, D. Knutson previously served as national vice president and regional vice president. That’s part of a new vision and strategic plan that showcases the values of both organizations. With this plan, Midwest Dairy has unveiled a new logo.

Spring wheat yields generally decrease one percent per day when planting is delayed past the optimum planting date. University of Minnesota Extension Small Grains Specialist Jochum Wiersma says that yield loss can be partially offset by increasing the seeding rate. The biggest challenge with late-planted cereal grains is the possible heat stress later in the growing season. USDA lowered corn and wheat feed and residual use raising corn ending stocks to 2. 2 billion bushels and wheat stocks to 1. USDA lowered soybean ending stocks on increased demand, pegging U.