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Successful candidates will be granted citizenship in Malta by a Certificate of Naturalization, which can also be extended to include their families. Once a candidate is awarded Malta citizenship, which includes EU citizenship, they have the right of establishment in all 28 EU countries and Switzerland. UPDATE: As of 2018, the Individual Investor Program has received more than 1000 Malta passport applications on behalf of investors from more than 40 different countries. As of this date, the IIP Malta is still accepting new applications. To be considered eligible for the Malta citizenship scheme, the main applicant must be at least 18 years of age and must meet all the Malta immigration requirements outlined below. As part of the Malta Individual Investor Programme, there is a four-tier due diligence process carried out directly by the government to assess candidates comprehensively.

All applicants must also be covered by an international health insurance policy. The fund, which is on the same level as the central bank, finances projects in the country linked to public health, education, job creation, social improvement, and innovation. This signifies the commencement of their residency in Malta and also demonstrates the candidate’s genuine link with the country. 12 months after an applicant has established residency in Malta, applicants who have maintained residence in the country will be granted citizenship. Day 1: A Malta Individual Investor Program application is formally submitted to Identity Malta by an Accredited Person. The application will contain imperative supporting documents, and evidence of source of funds must also be presented at this stage. 10,000 is now due towards the monetary contribution.

Any deposit made when applying for Maltese residency counts towards this amount. Day 5: Identity Malta will notify the concessionaire or Accredited Person within five business days of submission to confirm whether client’s application has been accepted for review or requires additional paperwork. Day 90: Confirmation from Identity Malta that the application and supporting documentation are formally in order. The candidate is subject to a further 30 days of additional verification by the Government of Malta’s regulatory body. Day 120: Applicant is approved in principle.

This signifies official Malta IIP approval conditional only on the candidate fulfilling all their remaining obligations under the Maltese nationality program for investors. Day 125: Identity Malta sends the applicant a formal request for payment of remaining balance of National Development and Social Fund contribution. The candidate has 20 days to pay the full amount. Day 145: Maltese IIP financial contribution deadline. The entire National Development and Social Fund contribution must be made by this time. Day 240: Final citizenship by investment Malta compliance. 150,000 bonds investment as well as a Malta real estate purchase or rental.

Issuance of Naturalisation Certificate: Once an applicant has fulfilled all their obligations under the Malta Individual Investor Program and taken an Oath of Allegiance, they will be issued a Certificate of Naturalisation and given a Malta Passport. If you are interested in learning more about the Malta citizenship by investment program, please contact our team for a confidential consultation. Even if an individual moves their primary residence to Malta, they can retain the status of a “non-domiciled” person and therefore have an extremely advantageous tax exposure. Malta has no restrictions on holding dual nationality, in fact, the nation’s Citizenship Act specifically provides that Malta dual citizenship is permitted, but your current country of citizenship may have restrictions that prohibit you from possessing a Malta second passport. Any child born to a parent who is a Maltese citizen will also be a citizen of Malta. This means children born to men or women who obtained Maltese nationality via the Individual Investor Program will be full European citizens even if their place of birth is not in Europe.

Malta citizenship through investment is granted by a Certificate of Naturalisation, and once you obtain EU citizenship via the Malta Individual Investor Program you will have it forever and can even pass it on to future generations. How Fast Can I Obtain Second Citizenship? If you have not already procured Maltese residency, the minimum amount of time needed to gain Europe citizenship by investment is 12 months. If you have already met the Malta residency requirement of the Individual Investor Program, you can secure citizenship in Malta in as little as six months. Where is the Malta Passport Office Located? Since 2008, the Maltese Passport Office has issued biometric passports according to EU and international standards. To obtain citizenship and a European passport through the Individual Investor Program Malta, candidates must give the country their biometric information such as fingerprints.