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Apart from ECs sold in the past, we will also update this list with future executive condominium housing to be sold when HDB has made such official announcements. Buyers of executive condominiums choicehomes investments pte ltd required to fulfill a minimum term period before they are allowed to sell their executive condo. EC home owners can only sell their executive condo to Singaporeans and Singapore PRs after 5 years and to foreigners after 10 years.

10 years from TOP: Eligible to sell to Singaporeans, PRs and foreigners. Phase 1 consists of Blocks 27, 29, 31, 33, TOP on 31 Jan 2005. 25, TOP on 1 Mar 2005. Resale levy payable from these projects onward. Hi I am PR and married to foreigner. EC that is 5 years old from TOP date. Foreigner, can only purchase an EC that is 10 years old.

Hi, my husband own a property oversea and we are PRs. Are we able to buy resale EC with at least 5 years to 10 years? Do I need to be a PR for 3 years to buy a resale EC between 5-10 years old? No you do not need to wait for 3 years. PR can purchase EC that are at least 5 years old at any time. Hi, are we able to buy EC that is 10 years and above if we have properties overseas?