China real estate investment handbook 2014

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If you have questions about the event you are attending, directly contacting the planner or venue is the best way to get answers. Look up the best number for you. Cventsuccess for tips, tricks, and product updates. Since Jan 1, 2014, the state board’s rules have changed such that 150 credit hours and accounting concentration are required to obtain the California CPA license. For those who are not familiar with SSN, it is a government issued ID given only to US citizens, residents, and those allowed to study or work in the US. What’s confusing is that California does allow candidates with SSN to sit for the exam, so technically, you can still apply and think about transferring your exam credits to other states. However, I strongly recommend you try another state because there is a lot of risk in the transfer.

You can check out this page for state boards popular to international candidates. 150 credit hours is now required. Non-degree courses in community colleges, and other accredited educational institutions. It can be done either online or in classroom setting. Here are some suggestions on how this can be done. 150-credit-hour program, that you have already fulfilled the bachelor portion of this program, and the date you are expecting to complete all courses. Qualifying courses include Accounting, Auditing, External or Internal Reporting, Financial Reporting, Financial Statement Analysis, Taxation.