Chapter 11 saving and investing options answer key

Easily clip, save chapter 11 saving and investing options answer key share what you find with family and friends. Easily download and save what you find. Learning outcome 1 Analyse the characteristics, inherent risks, behaviour and correlation of asset classes.

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The FCA collects information about individual advisers, such as the qualifications they hold and which accredited body they use. Advisers have a wide range of investments to choose from when making recommendations. Providing the investment is being made into a recognised financial institution such as a UK bank or building society or via National Savings and Investments any capital invested in deposit accounts is exposed to a low level of risk but there is subsequently little potential for capital growth. The main characteristics of cash deposits are as follows: Investors will receive regular interest on their cash deposit.

This is a simple example but illustrates the effect had by compounding using different frequencies. Calculating the effective rate is relatively straightforward: Calculate the rate compounded. What constitutes the price in relation to cash deposits? Although relatively straightforward and simple products, cash deposits do carry some inherent risks that need to be fully considered and understood. Credit or default risk Capital volatility is only likely to occur where the deposit taking institution has solvency problems. This is a rare event in the UK but can happen on occasion.