Best way to invest 5k uk

Best way to invest 5k uk rotavators, tillers and cultivators are a group of garden machinery, that are used to turn over and prepare soil to a fine till ready for planting. They are commonly used by allotment gardeners to prepare the soil on large areas quickly, they are also fantastic for turning over and weeding flower beds and borders quickly.

Powered by a very reliable, 4-stroke Honda engine for maximum performance. Features include, ergonomically designed, height adjustable handles for extra comfort for every user. Learn more and compare prices on Amazon. With many rotavators available, it can be confusing, trying to decide which model is best for you. The first thing you need to put some serous thought into, is what size rotavator you will need to invest in. This will be determined by what you intend to use it most for, most gardeners usually buy one that is actually to small or to large, when what they really need is a medium size machine for getting into smaller areas, but large enough to rotavate larger sized beds. Our best pick is actually perfect for this situation.

The most popular models are powered by electric and are usually the number one choice for home use and smaller allotments. However, this is no surprise as they are generally much cheaper than there petrol counterparts and still do a great job at cultivating soil. Petrol models do have there own advantages and most serous gardeners, specifically allotment gardeners, will probably choose a petrol model over electric. The main advantages, is that they are more portable, meaning you can use them where there is no access to electric which is often the case on allotments or very large gardens. Some models which include all Mantis tillers, have attachments that can be purchased separately. The attachments include lawn aerators, plough blade for making furrows, border edger, dethatcher, planter for digging planting holes or trenches and even an attachment for turning your tiller into a crevice cleaner for cleaning weeds out of cracks in patios areas.

Most models include at least 1-2 years warranty, with the exception of very cheap models. All Mantis tillers come with 5 years warranty for the whole machine and even a life time guarantee on the tines for breakages for extra peace of mind. The Handy produce some good garden machinery and they have ticked all the boxes with this tiller. 100 its a absolute bargain, not too cheap, but affordable for most gardeners budgets. The tiller itself works very well and will quickly turn compact soil, even clay into well tilled soil, ready for planting. Great for smaller gardens, very easy to use and small enough to store in even the smallest shed.

200 this tiller offers great value for money, without compromising on quality or performance. Designed with the serious gardener in mind. Weighing in at only 13kg, its fitted with rear wheels for improve maneuverability. Ideal for allotments or home use. Comes with 2 year domestic user warranty for peace of mind.