Best silver investments 2016

Australia’s most prestigious investment and financial services awards. What the judges at Morningstar said: The best silver investments 2016 of the Blue Ribbon Award for best listed investment company is Milton Corporation.

The income-focused, buy-and-hold philosophy has changed little over the years, is led by an experienced team and charges a fee that is the lowest among its peers. Led by experienced portfolio manager Frank Gooch for the last 20 years, Milton Corporation is an excellent option for investors who have an affinity for the light touch active management style favoured by listed investment companies but don’t want to pay a premium to net tangible assets. 7 billion, the firm has been able to scale up its investment resources while keeping a firm lid on fees. Milton charges a measly 12 basis points a year, which is somehow even lower than the cheapest passive Australian equity option. Bank of the year NAB What the finder.

NAB is the Blue Ribbon Award winner for Bank of the Year in 2016. NAB won this award after analysing its offerings over 11 products and features. Among the categories judged were home loans, credit cards, savings and transaction accounts. Features included fees, rates and accessibility. The results delivered a comfortable win for NAB and a fourth consecutive Bank of the Year title. Regional bank of the year Heritage Bank What the finder. After comparing Heritage Bank’s offerings with other regional banks across key product lines and categories it was the obvious winner of the Blue Ribbon Award for Regional Bank of the year.