Become us citizen by investment

Getting a second passport is perhaps become us citizen by investment most important step in flag theory for attaining greater freedom. However, to become a citizen of another country can require incredible time commitments for many people. Here in Malaysia, for example, it takes at least twelve years to become a citizen, and dual nationality is forbidden. If you don’t have a second passport, the urge to get one can be intense.

It’s understandable that someone looking for a second citizenship would first want to determine in which countries they can obtain citizenship the fastest. Like I have mentioned in my 2017 interview for BBC, today citizenship is somewhat of a commodity. Which passport you carry determines where you can live, where you can travel, where you can work and — in the case of many restrictive emerging markets — where you can invest. Most westerners aren’t in a rush to obtain Cambodian citizenship in order to buy cheap land in the country, but practically everyone in Iran would jump at the chance to have another passport. For instance, Iranians have a heck of a time traveling to most countries, let alone becoming a resident or opening a bank account in one, all thanks to US sanctions against their home country. Some people are just looking for the cheapest citizenship to buy, or instant citizenship countries or are chasing the EU passport by looking into easiest countries to get citizenship in Europe.

When determining which second passport is best to pursue, there are several points to take into consideration. These include your current tax situation, where you need to travel, and even your job and business prospects. Similarly, someone from a country that forbids dual citizenship, but who wants a second residency that can lead to citizenship as an insurance policy, may be even less concerned with the timeline. I have private clients from emerging countries who have had to turn down lucrative job offers merely because they can’t travel to certain countries or can’t obtain visas quickly enough to satisfy the new employer.

50,000 a year, you have an even greater desire than many US citizens to find the fastest countries to become a citizen. Get our Freedom Seeker’s Guide to Second Passports. If you have ancestors from Europe, you may be able to obtain a second passport very inexpensively. It goes without saying that if you have significant cash to invest, the passport process can be sped up. If you are lucky enough to fall in love with someone with a great passport, it’s possible you could be a naturalized citizen of their home country. Foreign spouses often qualify for a shortened waiting period for naturalization, although language requirements sometimes exist. Poland’s former president used to do this, but the current party does not.

Now, let’s review citizenship options that don’t require a lucky genealogy line or a lot of cash. The following is a list of the countries where it is the easiest to become a citizen. The fastest countries to become a citizen through residency Back when I actively chased as many frequent flier miles as possible, I would sometimes take flights solely for the purpose of getting miles. More miles meant higher status with the airline. Becoming a resident of a foreign country and starting the clock ticking on naturalization is the easiest way to go if you don’t have the benefit of luck or substantial wealth.