Average salary of investment banker in london

2,600 in the last six months, it emerged today. 01, despite the current financial climate. David Brown, of UKJobs, average salary of investment banker in london: ‘The figures show the economic downturn is still with us and continuing on its downward trend.

Companies still need staff to operate, but rather than saving money by sacking their workforce they are looking to get more staff for their money to remain competitive. We are also seeing an increase in the number of part time vacancies being offered as employers simply can’t afford to hire full time staff. The better-than-expected unemployment figures over the past year show that UK workers are pragmatic, preferring to be in a lower paid or part time job than out of work entirely. Other major sectors shown to have suffered include administration and marketing. But the findings showed certain workers could benefit from pay rises, with those looking for work in logistics, electronics and telecommunications drawing more favourable salaries than they might have done previously. Similarly, people working in telecoms could find themselves better off. 2,000 in the last six months.

UKJobs analysed 70,000 posts advertised over the past six months for the study. The comments below have been moderated in advance. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. The ONLY arm candy to be seen with this season! Sobbing mums, tearful teachers are today’s schools THAT tough? Overall, after twelve weeks, Nick put on a total of 3. His body weight increased by 2kg to 67.

His body fat percentage decreased from 8 per cent to 5. If you’re struggling to get in shape and blame your long working hours, one investment banker is keen to prove you wrong. Nick Deakin, 28, an investment banker and a former medical doctor in London, decided to see if he could make a difference to his body and become more ‘buff’ in just 12 weeks – and the results are impressive. A few years ago, you were far more likely to find bankers proving their stamina by seeing how much they could drink and how long they could stay out. Now, you’re much more likely to see them down the gym bragging about how much they can bench press.

Nick wanted to join them – and documented his challenge in The Spectator. Nick Deakin, 28, pictured, left, before and, right, after the twelve week challenge has certainly gone from ‘scrawny’ to ‘brawny’. Nick says he is one of 65 per cent of men who believes their chest, arms and stomachs are not muscular enough, nor measure up to the likes of Daniel Craig. While he didn’t want to slim down, he wanted to bulk up, so he sought out the help of Andy Pilides, a fitness instructor who specialises in ‘transformations’ and works from the City and Guildford. You CAN have your burger and eat it! These, he says, ‘are typically twelve-week, intense programmes where a personal trainer works in the gym and with your lifestyle to kick-start you into a fitness routine. They are traditionally used as weightloss programmes and by people who want to slim down for their summer holiday or wedding, but are increasingly being used by the cash-rich professionals who want to get a good body in a short amount of time.