All about investing in gold

It’s Time To All about investing in gold In Gold! We make the case for Gold. Our goal is to make the average person aware of Gold and how to invest in it.

Below you will find reasons to invest in Gold, answers to popular questions, selected videos, and our recommended Gold related companies. Feel free to email us anytime. All paper currencies fail sooner or later. Billionaires have been investing in Gold. Gold does well in times of complete economic collapse. Gold has withstood the test of time by being used for thousands of years. There is a limited supply of Gold which cannot be increased like paper money can.

Supply of Gold is falling due to falling mining production and is projected to continue falling. New Gold discoveries have been falling and are projected to continue falling. Gold is durable unlike paper money which can be ripped or burned. A whole suitcase of money would be needed to buy what a little piece of Gold can.

Gold is a great way to diversify a portfolio. That is, there are always buyers to sell your Gold to. Owning Gold can be private and confidential. Why should I invest in Gold? There has never been a paper currency that has never failed.

To the contrary, Gold has never failed and has been a consistent store of value throughout history. Countries and governments are buying Gold like crazy. There is a reason Billionaires are Billionaires and that is because they know how to invest. They are investing for their future with Gold. Are there any other ways to invest in Gold other than owning physical Gold?

You could invest in exploration or mining companies. These companies do the hard work of exploring for Gold and producing Gold. How easy will it be to sell my physical Gold? That is, it is very easy to sell Gold to a buyer. Below are some of the places someone will be able to sell their physical Gold at.

Most reputable bullion dealers offer “buy back” programs. In other words, they will buy back whatever they have sold you. You would simply deliver the Gold to them, either in person or through insured mail, and they would pay you near spot price for your Gold. Depending on your location, even some banks may buy your Gold from you near spot price. How can I safely store my physical Gold?

Gold Depository – This is the most recommended method. Some examples are Delaware Depository and Transcontinental Depository Services. Their vaults are audited daily, are anonymous, have low fees, and come with free insurance. Most electronic safes can be hacked too easily. And most combination safes can be opened by a professional quickly too.

It would make little sense to have a light safe which someone could just run off with quickly. Also, it would make little sense to have a cheap safe that someone could crack open with a crow bar. Local storage rental – You could keep your Gold inside a safe located inside your own storage unit at a local storage company. As long as you pay the fees and purchase renter’s insurance, all should go well. This method has 3 layers of protection. A potential thief would first need to get into the storage facility.

Bank safety deposit box – These are secure and cheap. Disclosure requirements of contents is typically minimal or none. You could visit your bank during the week to check on your Gold too. It is recommended you diversify your Gold into multiple locations.

Gold in a Depository or Vault. If you ever heard the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, this is exactly the time to apply this advice. Should I invest in a Gold ETF instead of physical Gold? There are certainly some advantages of investing in a Gold ETF. For example, they can be invested in just as easily as stocks can. Also, with an ETF there is no physical Gold that needs stored. However, investing in real physical Gold instead of an ETF is recommended.