Alberta investment management corporation annual report

The corporate strategy laid the path for the organization to become more engaged with the beneficiaries we serve, more diverse in our programming and revenue generation, and better integrated with our colleagues and partners. These broad themes are central to the success that each of our divisions have achieved this year, and have been highlighted throughout alberta investment management corporation annual report report.

On a more personal note, this year also marks the end of my tenure as DGMWS, as I will be moving on to a new posting this summer. My time working with CFMWS has truly been the highlight of my career to date. I am thrilled to have helped this organization evolve so successfully, and I cannot wait to see what the future has in store. At CFMWS, our vision is to be one of the strongest morale and welfare organizations in the Western World. Since publishing our corporate strategy in 2012, we’ve mapped an ambitious course to broaden the scope of the services we offer and the revenue we generate,┬ácommunicate with the CAF community more effectively, and work smarter as a united, connected team. To understand our beneficiaries and satisfy their needs, we’ve modernized the way we engage with the CAF community.

Whether a beneficiary connects with us in person, by phone, on our website, via social media, or by reading one of our publications, we aim to provide clear, helpful, professional information that resonates. 1209 Michael St, across from the Queensway Corporate Campus, was purchased in September as an investment diversification. The two-storey building has 22,000 square feet of office space. At CFMWS, we may not provide everything for everyone, but we do provide something for everyone in the CAF community. We’ve added new programs that offer real benefits, like the CF Appreciation Program, CANEX. With over 4,000 employees spread across the globe delivering dozens of distinct programs and services, creating a cohesive, coordinated team is a challenge that we’re meeting head on, today and into the future. Our updated Talent Management program and group effort to market services to the Reserve Force are just two examples of how we’re taking steps to create a better connected workforce.

CFMWS is a diverse organization that provides CAF members and their families with morale and welfare services to meet their needs, from recruitment to retirement and beyond. The Annual Report addresses primarily the NPP components of CFMWS operations. Delivered with NPP resources and augmented with military and Department of National Defence staff. Includes both publicly reimbursed programs delivered by NPP through Alternative Service Delivery such as Messes, Deployment Support, Fitness, Sports, and Health Promotion Delivery as well as NPP programs such as Community Recreation, Newspapers and Specialty Interest Activities. Includes the Support Our Troops Program, the CFOne Membership Office, the Canadian Defence Community Banking program, and the CF Appreciation Program. Corporate Services: Strategic Communications, Translation, Real Property, Corporate Projects, Policy and Education, Conflict Management and Administration Services. This has resulted in significant operational efficiency and surpassed budgeted sales expectations year over year for both stores.